Welcome to Flanders' finest gravel region. This is where you will brave the most beautiful paths, forests and hills. Get ready for your magical cycling adventure and discover Limburg with us!

Visit Maasmechelen

MaasMechelen is known as the nature recharge point of the Euregion, the ideal destination to recharge your batteries completely! Be surprised by the MaasMagical panoramas of the Hoge Kempen National Park and Maasvallei River Park. Whether you choose a relaxing hike on Terhills, a cross-border cycling trip along the Meuse, wakeboarding, e-scootering or a day of wellness in the midst of nature, MaasMechelen has something for everyone.

Plan your visit to MaasMechelen with the ingenious day planner by clicking the button below. Share your MaasMoments with a friend or make a (digital) printout and you are ready to set off smoothly in MaasMechelen.